Iggy Azalea Completely Renewed at Fashion Week

Iggy Azalea :

On the part of their fans, Iggy azalea endured a first great Shit storm shortly after Christmas. The conspicuous enlarged lips of the musician was seen. When you visit the fashion week Paris speculation go Iggy azalea beauty OPs in a new round


Update, January 27:

New year, new face: The Paris Haute Couture shows Iggy azalea showed quite changed. The lips full, the eyes larger, and also on the bust size seems Iggy azalea to have something optimized. The oncediscreet, blonde girl has become a real bombshell.


Beauty obsession with 25

Her fans acknowledge the numerous beauty OPs of the singer so far with mixed rulings. Some praise the beauty of the Australian, others criticize their beauty craze and demand more self-confidence.

With her 25 years, Iggy azalea is one of the fortunately declining number of stars who go under the knife very young. It remains to hope that is not the “Barbie effect”and we singer no longer recognize the hip in a few years.

The ongoing Middle finger on her T-Shirt and the text snippets of new songs in the background are smooth at the sight of her face to a minor matter. Iggy azalea, 25, has made obviously spray on the lips at least their Instagram followers in this matter are unanimous.


Iggy is their beauty interventions

With the comment “All right, now goes it with the plastic surgery to the next level” user is probably on the intervention, which already has make Iggy azalea, and to which she publicly stands.

In the September issue of the US magazine “Seventeeen”, the Australian already openly spoke about her nose surgery: “I don’t think that you should be ashamed, if you to change something.” Therefore she have decided to speak openly about their beauty OPs. In a previous interview with the American ‘vogue’ in April,  that their bust size is not quite real. “Four months ago I did get bigger breasts. thought about otherwise my whole life about it”, she said at the time. The right proportions of her body had been reason for the intervention.

In the conversation with “Seventeen”, the young woman also warns premature decisions. “The own perception can change greatly over the course of time. That’s whyit ‘s”important to not rush, Iggy explains. In advance, she have informs extensivelyabout the process. A surgical procedure is not only a strain on the body, but also as“an emotional journey” in their opinion.

In addition one should realize, that you can change everything in itself. “Nobody‘s perfect.”

At the sight of her freshly injected lips, the question remains how she actually take seriously their own wisdom.



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