Golden Globes 2016: 39,000 Euros For A Look

Golden Globes 2016:

Even if most dresses at the Golden Globes 2016 are on loan, created for an overall look still costs amounting to approximately 39,000 euros

Dior and Dolce & Gabbana stars such as Jennifer Lawrence Globes designer robes that most women only dream help major glamour events such as the Golden. These are only on loan of luxury homes in most cases there‘s finally no better advertising than a Hollywood star.

39,000 euros for a “Golden Globe” look

Even if clothes and jewelry are on loan, yet enormous costs coincide to really “Red Carpet” to make fine a star.

As the New York Post calculated that it costs approximately 39,000 euros so that star can move flawless on the red carpet.

A celebrity stylist can get a day fee of incredible 1,400 euros. After before and after such a top stylist about 9,000 euro would earn.

Couture labels like Chanel fly even their own tailors, so that they correctly fit the dresses on the stars. Do again 2,300 euros for flight and hotel costs. Thus, the supposedly free dress costs already 11,300 euros.

A hairstyle can cost up to 5,400 euros

Star hairdressers take a day fee of around 1,800 euros. Before the Golden Globes 2016 look at but the dress she is, collect inspirations, coordinate the look with the star. For this they charge then usually three days.

Makeup is still costly

A star make-up artist charges per hour and it costs up to 1,300 euros. A star book the makeup artists exclusively, he pays even 4,500 euros an hour.

Mostly celebrities want a make-up test few days in advance. That‘s of course extra.


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