Gina Rodriguez Fan Gets Her Golden Globes Dress

Gina Rodriguez :

Gina Rodriguez is really a warm Star: on the dreamy Twitter request, a young woman who had “Jane the Virgin” actress just an amazing response. Giving away her evening dress!

This is surely the dream of many young women: to wear the gown of their favorite stars! Why not just ask a fan thought of “Jane the Virgin” actress Gina Rodriguez and asked via Twitter at the pretty star short and brief. “I would do like your Golden Globes dress to the prom”, chirped Jessica Casanova from New York, who is registered with Twitter as @TheJessica_C.


Gina Rodriguez answers not only the student, she gives her evening gown the fan

The absolutely amazing response came from the 31-year Gina Rodriguez pretty quickly:“where do you live for? I own only maybe we get that my first Golden Globe dress from last year.” And if she knew what was meant. Another fan helped out quickly with a photo and clearly, the student confessed: “it would be an honor, it to wear, it is so beautiful.”

“Let us talk about it. I rise” this was finally the promise of Rodriguez.


Dream: with the robe of a star to the “Prom”

This incredibly spontaneous and warm gesture went very well. And although Gina Rodriguez the beautiful blue robe could not offer at the this year’s Golden Globes Ceremony, she is ready, the dress, that sure Golden Globe is connected with many memories of their own first, to give the girls for their senior prom.


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