Beyonce And Jay-z The Suffering Comes To An End


Announced they have it yet, but the belly speaks volumes: Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting their second child. GALA learned what ordeal took the singer for this upon herself


Her greatest desire

That smile says so much! It tells a story of pride, anticipation and absolute happiness. The reason? Superstar Beyonce, 34, to be pregnant again, betrayed source from their environment. The greatest desire of the singer would fulfil itself, thegoal which she desperately worked. Four times, so an insider to GALA, she have undergone over the past one and a half years of in vitro fertilization, artificial fertilization. Even with success. But unfortunately she lost the child in an early stage of pregnancy.


You move closer together

“She absolutely wants a sister or brother for Blue Ivy, but in a natural way didn’t work it just. It was very stressful. Also for your marriage.” The relationship with music mogul Jay-Z, so the source is advised because of the unfulfilled desire of the baby in massive imbalance. A marriage therapy helped the pair. Today the motto loud: we can make it together! And the two also radiate this. Jay-Z, 46, who often walked earlier in the public distance from his wife, now looks close. Now, you could see how he put the hand protectively in Los Angeles on Beyonce‘s back. On a globe after-party, presented the two visibly dissolved, were again closely together. The confidante in conversation with GALA explains why “B” would necessarily have another child: “when she was pregnant with Ivy, that was the best time of her life. Again feel as grows, new life in it is Beyonce ardent desire.”


Her first pregnancy the singer had publicly once during a performance and was been applauded for it frantically. Soon she would have opportunity to such a scoop:beginning of February she will perform a song with her good friend Chris Martin and his Band Cold play at the halftime show of the Super Bowl.

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