Adele and Simon Konecki Separation On Time

Adele :

Adele goes from February all nine months on tour. The time is the first major stress test for their small family

Their relationship can withstand the separation?

For Adele, 27, and Simon Konecki, 41, faces a difficult time. In February, the singer will begin their long-awaited world tour with a laughing and a crying eye. On the one hand is Adele happily, after a long break again on stage to stand, but on the other hand means the obligation for them, that she can be together not more around the clock with her family.

Compared to “The Sun” an insider explained: “he and Adele are to miss, but they want so often meet and plan a vacation in June, when there is a break.

While Adele takes the 3-year old son on the great journey, Konskie must work. The former investment banker taking care of today mainly to the relief organization“Drop 4 Drop”, which should enable access to clean drinking water to people in need.”It is such a long time, Simon not can come to every show,”it says.

He also has another child, for which he must be there from his failed marriage.Whether their love can withstand this load?

Love your life

Recently, the century singer in an interview with the US news magazine raved about her Simon “60 minutes”:

To be in a wonderful relationship with someone of so loyal and a part of my heart is,helps me to write what I have experienced so far about everything.”

Love to her boyfriend is among the best things that had ever happened to the 27-year: “I know that it sounds like I‘m trying to write a Hollywood film, but it is only to him and to our child, that‘s fine.”

Adele in Germany

Six concerts are planned for Germany:

07 & 08 may 2016 Mercedes-Benz arena, Berlin

10 & 11 may 2016 Barclaycard arena, Hamburg

14th & 15th may 2016 LANXESS arena, Cologne

VIP tickets still are available for the dates in Hamburg.


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