Who Wants To Taken Chelsea; Simeone or Mancini

Chelsea :

Momentary farewell ahead of peers in Manager Jose Mourinho with Chelsea on Thursday (17/12/2015), Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone ever circulated.

The people of Argentina aged 45 was diproyeksi as a new permanent coach of Chelsea. Background four years at Atletico with five championship possibilities into consideration.

According to The Express (h/t Tribal Football), Simeone has approached Chelsea since November when the situation Against the more precarious.

The next developments, Simeone preached The Telegraph has submitted terms to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. The former Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid midfielder was asked for full control on the transfer of players.

Chelsea player transfer policy for this must wait for signature Abramovich or his right hand, technical director Michael Emenalo. Especially for the purchase of the player.

According to sources close to Simeone, Chelsea could reap his services if want to meet demand while the terms of it.

But at Atletico, Simeone collaborates with Sports Director Jose Luis Caminero for the transfer of players. But Simeone wield veto power and final word. Simeone claimed to want this also applies in Chelsea.

But there are obstacles that may occur. Simeone hasn’t been able to speak in United Kingdom. that’s why negotiations possibility bridged Peter Kenyon, the former CEO of the Chelsea, which has now become a penasehet Board of Directors of Atletico.

In addition, Simeone has extended his contract with Atletico in early 2015. That is, he’s happy to be in city clubs Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid as it was a large family.

The hardest Thing in life is to find yourself and keep on stepping. While the hardest thing in football is to find the ideal Club. Atletico is more than just a club, we are a family, “said Simeone cited ESPN.

With all that background, Chelsea memboyongnya to London is not easy. Simeone paid Atletico GBP4,4 million (Rp89 billion) per season. While the value of the ransom(buy-out clause) of nearly Rp304 billion.

Due to a number of stopper that, Chelsea rumored to glance at the other coach. This time, Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini (51). Former Manchester City Manager has played together with Simeone at Lazio in 1997-2001.

According to the gunjingan who offered Italy Football, Mancini diiming-imingi salary EUR8,5 million (Rp127 billion) per season with a two-year contract valued at Rp94billion.

Gunjingan reserved Mancini is not only influenced by the Chelsea vacancy solely. In Italy, according to the news of Gazzetta. It (h/t Calcio Mercato), Mancini was involveda feud with Inter striker Stevan Jovetic.

In addition there are also quarrels between Felipe Melo and Mauro Icardi. This luscious no news comes after Inter surrendered 1-2 at Lazio in the Serie A on Sunday(20/12).

But Mancini denied there was a feud in the dressing room. Rebuttal offered ex Italy national team striker on the era of 80-90 this via Twitter.

Mancini, who gave one to the EPL title City, Twitter in language Italy. Free translation is, “we’ve lost all. So there is no reason to fight or make a split in the dressing room.


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