Sarah Lombardi She Hops Off Their Baby Pounds

Sarah Lombardi :

Sarah Lombardi shows how she want to lose their remaining pregnancy pounds with the help of a trampoline

Sarah Lombardi has packed the ambition: she looks now, about six months after the birth of her little Alessio, although again super slim, but even she wants to get rid of the remaining small baby pounds.

On a mini trampoline, she completed a tough cardio workout. At the same time jumping up and down her body with every movement. But what exactly should bring the bouncy?

The mini trampoline is a hit in Hollywood

Hollywood personal trainer Tracy Anderson swears on the trampoline training and has furthermore even a whole workout for a DVD (“total body mini trampoline workout“)created.

According to Tracy, this training will be especially easy on the joints and small muscles should be trained with. Because the lymphatic system through the additional movement should be inhibited inflammation and also toxins are designed better. Pounds jumbled so even faster than in a normal cardio training on solid ground.

Sarah Lombardi seems to be at least very excited of the mini trampoline with a big effect.


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