Nabilla Has Celebrated Christmas With Family

Nabilla :

The evening of new year’s Eve, Nabilla Benattia celebrated Christmas alongside his beloved Thomas Vergara. Her mom and grand mother Livia were also present.

For these endof-year holidays, Nabilla Benattia failed to share his Christmas Eve with its 1.6 million fans on Instagram. The ex-star lette of reality TV has posted some photos of this family night alongside his partner, Thomas Vergara, grandmother Livia and her mother Marie-Luce. The atmosphere was joyful at home and even Pita, Jack Russell of Nabilla Benattia, posed for photos. For fun, Livia, the grandmother, pretended to hit his beau-petit-fils with a fireplace log.

‘Are you wish you all a good new year’s Eve and a #Joyeux Noel take care of yourself as well as those that you like #merrychristmas’, wrote Nabilla Benattia to his fans. The bimbohad not donned a sexy outfit of Mrs. Claus for the occasion. She played the map of simplicity with a small white blouse and black pants. Her lover Thomas Vergara still took care to put a class jacket for the photo souvenir. On the other hand, it is not known if the couple was spoiled level gift. They preferred to keep it secret.

On 25 November, the girlfriend of Thomas Vergara took the divine surprise to see Julien Lepers grimer in Nabilla Benattia in the issuance of Patrick Sebastien, Ze Fiesta, on France 2. Ex-chroniqueuse TPMP loved the result and congratulated the host of Questions for a champion on social networks: “I’m jealous of you @jlepersofficiel!”, “you are still more canon than me MR Lepers.”


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