Miss Universe Cat Fight Behind The Scenes

Miss Universe :

Fake smile of Miss Colombia: Ariadna Gutierrez should have listed themselves as diva
Actually you should feel sorry for rather Miss Colombia. After the Crown as the presumed winner of the Miss Universe” choice was set up, had to enclose the off too soon. Because it was the winner of the beauty contest, but her colleague from the Philippines.


A juror complains about Miss Colombia

The Colombian I‘m not sorry but at all the gossip reporters of Perez Hilton, who was at the event as a juror. On the contrary, because Perez blasphemed after the whole debacle vigorously about Ariadna Guttierez off: “there‘s a reason actually many reasons she has not won. Congratulations to the Philippines“, so the star blogger compared to the ‘good morning America’-show. Also he got upset about it, that the 21-year-old on Instagram posted, that she was the true winner, despite their defeat. In Spanish, Ariadna wrote under one of their photos: “forever your Miss Universe!Colombia! “.”


Fake smile at Miss Colombia

In his own podcast, Perez Hilton then continued: “I don’t know whether people could watch it at home, but Miss Colombia was a real diva. She was rude to her translator.She gave him the worst looks of the page .Miss Colombia was not satisfied with the pace and the style of the translation.” Also opposite the jury she should have notadequately behave: “you not only with me, but also in some other jurors, Bitchy andarrogant came out.
But even Perez Hilton itself is not without: his gossip articles about the rich and he tackles often themselves in tone and is therefore not “everybody’s darling but that is why it is celebrated by his fans.

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