Maria Mena “I Have Fought Myself.”

Maria Mena :

Maria Mena is currently on tour with the ‘Night of the Proms’ concert series. In the interview she talks about her new album and her divorce

Maria Mena is back. It has the beautiful Norwegian (29, “All This Time”) proved at the weekend in the Olympic Hall. As part of this year’s concert series “Night of the Proms”,even the honor was bestowed the singer to open the show. A moment of goose bumps. Maria Mena sang the “Tribute of panem” hit “The Hanging Tree” accompanied by the women‘s choir Scala. Then she played their old hits “All This Time” and “just holdme“, but also their current single “I don’t want to see you with her” from their newalbum.


“I am for the first time alone”

That the tour with colleagues such as Johannes Oerding (33, “everything Burns”) and the American cult band, The beach boys (“Surfin’ ‘ United States ‘) so would be a great experience, the 29-year-old had not expected. In an interview with the news agencyspot on news she admits: “I was very skeptical. I had no idea how satisfying it wouldbe for me to travel alone. I‘m at a point in life where I‘m alone for the first time. So notape, nothing. I‘m doing this alone, and it‘s a big deal.”


Their new album “in my sleep”

A different kind of solitude takes in the new album, which was released on December 4 after Mena’s of two-year break. In “Growing Pains”, she handled their divorce. Thatsinger express her feelings in her music, is not so unusual. How the album came aboutare: “I have dreamed”, MENA said. Of course not the finished songs, work had theybeen, she says and laughs. But the melodies would come her in his sleep. Such as hercurrent single “I don’t want to see you with her”, because she had woke up with themelody to the chorus. “I didn’t know is mine or that of someone else? That everhappened to me. I was hoping so, that it is from me.”


Generally, their art is an album to create very specifically. The Norwegian is Synasthetikerin. This means that their senses are coupled. So about every man forthem has a different color and also for their songs, which plays an important role. Shewrites her songs by colour. “If I make a new album, it must have all colours of theRainbow for me, before I can give it out.” So she knew such that their title song“Growing Pains” would come. “And then I had to paint only the other songs. It soundsreally weird, but so it always worked.”


“I‘ve been watching my feelings very closely”

But there‘s more, which makes it an exceptional woman Maria Mena. She has a very own way with their feelings to deal. “If I have an emotion, then I find this sointeresting”, explains them and try to clarify: “if I feel something, then this is for melike, Oh, my God, you know how I felt watching? Do you know what I just did?’ I‘m watching very closely. my feelings” A great help, even if it comes to understand other people. Or on serious issues such as divorce. “I want to write just about feelings, which no one really wants to admit.”

The Norwegian was for nine years with her ex-husband, with which she was but still good friends. After such a long time to be alone again? Maria Mena enjoys it: “I like it very to be only for me. I am, have been since I was 15 years old, always in a relationship. Ihave to say I‘m now at a point where I was almost a child. One reason why I so enjoythis tour [“night of the PROMS”].” There are also downsides: the drawer thinking ofthe people resent them: “I want cannot be pigeonholed. “People must be getting by, but you need someone and I say, no, I‘m “s well ‘. I just don’t feel, now to be withsomeone.”


“This feeling that everyone of you is talking about, but none with you…”

The singer is sure: “If I once found the right guy, I will be glad to know who I am alone.” A common phenomenon is that other people want know about a usually better than you yourself. Another is the talk. Of them, Maria Mena as new single is “I do not want to see you with her”. In the soulful ballad, it processed among other things that bedeviled them after the break-up: many talk behind her back. “This feeling that everyone of you talking, but none with you… that was probably the worst of all.” All these rumors, that was the low point.

Songs are always individual interpretation, explains the singer. “But even if there is acertain text, it‘s your interpretation. For me, it might be a

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