Leah Remini In Great Concern About Scientology

Leah Remini:

Apparently fear not only TV star and Scientology dropout Leah Remini of the controversial Church‘s revenge also her “dancing with the stars” dance partner Tony Dovolani feels no longer safe

Panic of Scientology

Since U.S. actress Leah Remini, 45, 2013 in Scientology is quit after 30 years, she is at logger heads with the controversial religious community. In her tell-all book“trouble makers: surviving Hollywood and Scientology she brought out to the genre and so not only the Church itself, but also Hollywood star Tom Cruise, 53, got his fat away. In addition, railed in her book the ‘King of Queens’-Grazie relentlessly against Scientology and meant to be almost drowned in a ritual.

Also your environment is afraid

But Leah must worry now about their loved ones? Of course her departure from Scientology not well received and the actress said in an interview to be afraid of revenge of the Church. But get the consequences of their deeds to feel not only yourself, but also their direct environment? Her dance mate, Tony Dovolani, 42, which 2013 has swung season of the American show “Dancing with the Stars” dance with her in the 17th, pushing panic. In a video, now published by “TMZ”, he first revealed that he of course read Leah’s book and showed it in the camera. “Now, I know that I’vebeen followed a few times. They try everything to find out something about a person,which they can then use against them”, so the professional dancer

Scientology wants to see it on the ground

Already at that time in the dance show TV viewers in one players made consciously,how bad the phase-out for Leah Remini must be. Because not only her colleague felt persecuted and observed. “The Church wants that I fail because then they can say to their followers ‘Take a look at, what happens if you leave us!'”, the actress was already secure. “You‘re just waiting that I lose!” Finally, Leah could not win at the dance show,but still finished fifth. Losing looks different!


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