Kylie Jenner She Torment Their Dogs?

Kylie Jenner :

The animal attendant determined: Kylie Jenner should neglect their dogs. Pictures show that one of the animals is shockingly emaciated

Kylie Jenner is to neglect their dogs. “New” reportedly, there were already complaints at the authority of the animal.

Accusations of animal cruelty

A spokesman for the “LA County animal control” have confirmed the gossip portal that several complaints had gone up after the latest pictures of your pets on the net were surfaced. For videos, which the 18-year-old posted a few days ago on their Snap chat page, show that particular puppy is scarily emaciated Bambi.

Shitstorm after videos

That was not even their fans. “Look how thin is the dog!”, “Why‘s Bambi so skinny?”,“the race must be thin, but not SO thin“, about the comments are. If the allegations by the investigations should harden up, Kylie Jenner would have to probably pay penalty and give your pooch.

Experts have meanwhile given “the” compared to all-clear: the dogs if the breed Italian Greyhound, which have such thin, long legs by nature. In the video posted by Kylie Jenner had can discover nothing flashy.


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