Kristin Cavallari She Overcomes The Loss Of Her Brother

Kristin Cavallari :

Kristin Cavallari is currently experiencing a roller coaster ride of emotions. It gives glimpse their fans now in their emotional chaos and tells how much power her little daughter gives her

End of November of the “the hills-Star” in the absolute mother luck floated, when her daughter Saylor saw the light of day. However, last week the absolute low point: your brother Michael was found lifeless.


Her daughter gives her strength

On her Facebook profile, Michael Cavallari can now have their fans at the loss and describes for the first time, how she does it. You makes quite clear, especially her daughter helped her through the most difficult hours of her life. “My little angel, Saylor. It was my light in this whole thing and gave me so much energy”, Kristin revealed under a photo of her daughter‘s little feet. “Little mouse thanks you came exactly at this time,” writes stirred the young mother.


Her brother was in trouble

After Michael three days is considered to be missing, he was found 30 years last week dead by the police. According to Kristin, her brother was in big trouble for some time.The legal medicine Salt Lake City now verifies what Michael Cavallari finally died.

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