Katie Price Now Her Daughter Strikes Back

Katie Price :

For God‘s sake, Katie price! The British busty heated tempers with wicked pictures of her eight-year old daughter Princess Tiaamii. Now the girl against the criticism of her mother resists

It doesn’t! Katie Price, British busty and entrepreneur, turns sexy poses and skimpy costumes Yes just to like to in ultra to the show.

Latest photos on their Instagram account show in much in disguise huge provocation now but not the 37 year-old self, but her only eight daughter Princess Tiaamii.

After himself with full force on the shocking images, international media are now the little Princess Tiaamii forced to defend her mother. By the way: I do my make-up myself, not my mother“, etching the 8 year old in a new video on the Instagram of her mother Katie Price. In addition to the post, which wrote“Princess strikes back #family and seems to be visibly proud of their offspring.

Following on the Disney villain maleficent both ladies, as a colorful fantasy characters have dressed up. The little Princess is fake lashes glued on and artificial finger nails,bright pink lipstick and even Smokey eyes.


A childhood in the spotlight

In professional and very seductive poses, she is taken by Mama Katie Price for her more than 760,000 Instagram fans. A fun for kids, who can have nasty consequences by the publication.

What are these shots are for the girls? While Katie Price is a long-time media professional and always ensures excitement with planned productions, her daughter should actually spend a carefree childhood.

Lavish glamour makeup, rouged lips and a lascivious look do not belong to there certainly. And just because her mother repeatedly pulls the five children in the spotlight, Princess Tiaamii will face determined someday with the shocking pictures whether she wants it or not.


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