Kate Beckinsale Solace With Ex-Flirting

Kate Beckinsale :

She is looking for consolation when Ben Affleck? The actress should get support after their separation with their ex-flirt

Kate Beckinsale, 42, and Ben Affleck, 43, met over 15 years. Now both at the same time are single leave them rekindle their old romance? The actress should get support after their separation with their Ben. In 2001 the two came close to during the filming of their joint film “Pearl Harbour”. Now it should have revived their little romance.

Support for the ex-flirt

As noted last week, Kate Beckinsale split up after eleven years her husband Len Wiseman.The couple to go their separate ways but since February. Now, a confidant told the“Sun”: Kate Beckinsale asked Ben for help because he was in hard times always there for them.”Friends of the two think they would make a good couple. “Kate was hard crush on Ben. She had always butterflies in your stomach, when he was in the same room as them.” The time for a revival of their love would be perfect: both are single.

More than friendship?

However, the underworld” actress wants to keep their potentially new luck rather more private. Through a spokesman, she deny the rumors. Time will tell whether the two really each other find or just be friends.

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