Daniela Katzenberger Looks Like Your Everyday Life

Daniela Katzenberger :

With baby, life changed completely. Now Daniela Katzenberger has discussed beyond their everyday life by shooting

Like all mothers, Daniela Katzenberger struggles with the problems of everyday life.Since the birth of their daughter Sophia in August life changed for the 29-year-old completely. “Feeding, winding, petting, and going for a walk, my rotation-free everyday looks at the moment”, reveals the cat in an interview with the news agency “spot on news”.

When she last slept out? “That‘s been long definitely also very long before Sophia’sbirth. As a pregnant woman, you must constantly pee because pushes the little much on the bubble. So there was nothing to sleep it off.”

‘Fixed date for togetherness’

I’m glad that she can count on her fiance Lucas Cordalis. “Lucas and I equally often wrap Sophia”, Daniela Katzenberger retold. And also the time as a couple the TV blonde can not to be neglected. “That can be arranged up already. It takes just a fixed date for Zweisamkeiten and you must also take the time. Otherwise the relationship remains very fast on the track.”

Holidays in the Alps

Currently the everyday however has given way to vacation at Daniela Katzenberger.On Facebook she her fans can participate on their tour through the snow-coveredAlps. In addition to her fiance and their daughter Sophia is also Jenny, the sister of Daniela Katzenberger.

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