Amber Rose Embarrassing Popo Secret Revealed

Amber Rose:

Amber rose, model and ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, is known for her extremely curvy body. Kim Kardashian to be able to keep up with famous curves, but taking a more than embarrassing trick

Oh no, how embarrassing! Model amber rose proudly presents his incredibly curvy figure for years. Latest images that show the eccentric American woman playing with her son, but now reveal her embarrassing secret of Popo.

Clearly, two round pillow emerge at the bottom of the 32-year-old. Is her impressive ass so not as well-formed as it seems? The pads on the Hintertel by rapper Wiz Khalifa ex-wife are like two big bowls of cereal. Not a pretty picture, and embarrassing.

Duel of the divas

Since the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West does it than amber rose would necessarily compete with the famous TV starlet. Professionally far unsuccessful as her successor, Miss Amber Rose can an intact love life not even present – defeat all along the line.

One must be amber rose at all of the embarrassment however: at least, when it comes to her bottom, she opts for rather conventional means, instead of running straight to the beauty doc.


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