Alena Gerber Complaint About Low-Fat Craze

Alena Gerber :

Alena Gerber complains on Instagram skimmed delusion about the fitness and in social networks and reaping less beautiful comments for

It seems it could please her Instagram followers never really Alena Gerber. Revealsherself in a bikini, it is said, it is an anorexic.

Now the model would take the pressure many women, to look always slender.However, some users find it implausible.

Exaggerated much fitness is stupid, noodles are great

Alena Gerber writes next to a photo that shows you in a bikini on a fitness device, the following statement:

#hashtag #fitness #gym #workout bullshit! I wanted with this photo even darafu point out (in which this fitness craze something to poke fun at I, apology in advance to those who feel personally attacked!) that I it is not only a bit for smile believe what our daily timelines here so give me but really dangerous!

When exactly is it become ‘cool’ if women look like men and lust most eat lose and normal dish like pasta with the #cheatday label? Where is that leading towards?”

Alena is a sweet tooth

Against carbohydrates in the form of noodles, Alena Gerber like so like to eat without remorse. But also sweet she is apparently a day treat yourself: “I personally count no calories, feed me vegetarian and healthy and eat every day some little trick, because it just tastes like me and I give that to me. I have a relaxed relationship with food, and that’s why my body reacts relaxed.”

Not all remove their attitude to Alena

Most of her fans will find great their attitude towards it. A user writes: “Wow, so you write what da”.

But there are also critical voices: “in principle, you shall keep right. Given that you then but even more often to find are due to your weight loss in comparison in the headlines, I find your statement not authentic. Many greetings!”




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