Sofia Vergara: New Details About The Dream Wedding

Sofia Vergara :

Awww, how romantic! Now, new details about the Hollywood wedding of the year are leaked

Sofia Vergara, 43, and Joe Manganiello, 38, will be on Sunday (November 22) at six o’clock in the evening in Palm Beach, Florida to marry. Several details of the wedding are already leaked and now you also know who from a ditty sing so all the music scene and provide musical highlights.

But that is not enough, also soul icon Gloria Estefan and the Mexican singer Thalia provide reportedly the musical entertainment at the romantic event.

Wedding invitation was gel Act

How do know so much about it? The wedding invitation that reportedly was sent to over 400 guests, managed now to the public.

The invitation is so beautiful

And even the elegant letter suggests how Nobel’s will go to the wedding of “modern family”-Schonheit and the screen Hot-ties (“Magic Mike”). In golden letters, the guests are prompted to pass any extravagant gifts to the future bride and groom, but prefer for one of the listed charities to donate, which lie at the heart of the glamour couple.The guests which include reportedly also stars such as Ellen DeGeneres and Arnold Schwarzenegger, were prompted to throw themselves with gowns and suits properly in shell. “It‘s a southern party, it will be late,” grinned the early bride in conversation with “E! News”on their celebration worthy guest. “There is a party and an after party.”

The wedding is so

On Saturday (November 21), the celebrations are already in the the breakers Start Hotel in Palm Beach. There the couple will host a party, where there will be sufficient not only candy, but also still lots of cocktails. The Colombian had reaffirmed inprevious interviews to be an absolute pleasure man. This luxurious hotel in the Renaissance-style has a private beach, and is also the place where is Sofia and Joe will give the YesWord also on the following day. Who passed the beautiful actress downthe aisle? The 23 year-old son of Sofia will reportedly assume that. And that is certainly beautiful in their robe of the Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, who is a close friend of hers, look. That Sofia all will look perfect big day, ensure reportedly ten make-up professionals and hairdressers.



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