Nicki Minaj You Mocked Wheelchair

Nicki Minaj:

From outside, scary costumes, celebrate. How to Halloween. Even when the stars apart from the costumes a relatively harmless event. Rapper delivered though a story Nicki Minaj, that really is to the creeps

Cute Fairy disguised as Nicki Minaj appeared 32, in the Halloween natch at the scene Club, 1 OAK in Las Vegas. Together with her friends, the rapper celebrated a boozy party, which is to become a wheelchair to the doom. Because the drunk Nicki derided the supposedly disabled woman in a nasty way.

Macabre joke

Apparently, Nicki has reached the peak of their alcohol level, as she has decided to allow a fun with a woman in a wheelchair. As shown in a clip on Perez Hilton, swung her wand in the direction of the restricted driver the 32 year old and roared laughing:“I command you to run!” While the “Anaconda” Star and their girls are hardly get after this macabre joke with laughter, the fans are bitterly disappointed by her idol.But they should be unfairly, because Nicki is claimed now via Twitter, that the woman was a friend of her, just played the situation.

You are fighting

With a contribution, the singer against the media that spread the wrong hint video as one of the first lashed out: “this is not a disabled person and you know it. Are you so desperately looking for attention? This is my girlfriend in a scooter!” Whether this fact is excused the inappropriate fun, yet the question remains.

Nicki Minaj – The Night Is Still Young Video:


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