Nabilla Pushes A Mug Shot After Criticism

Nabilla Benattia:

Nabilla Benattia did not hide his annoyance on social networks after Matthieu Delormeau critics on a photo on which seen naked in the company of Thomas Vergara.

This week, Cyril Hanouna asked its Key columnists not at my post their opinion on very hot picture of Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara that has been circulating on the Web a few days ago. “Sad”, it is the word used by Matthieu Delormeau to summarize this shot where we see naked sitting Nabilla Benattia on Thomas. For the former moderator of theMag, on NRJ 12 and specialist of reality shows is just a blow to the buzz.

“How many times I have seen people call people’s press to sell their pictures for little money. I saw so many things that makes me the penalty. This is not very glorious.The only laptop or iPad stolen”, will is annoyed Matthieu Delormeau.

Nabilla Benattia looked perhaps the show in which she was she also a position of columnist a few months ago before his stay in prison for attempting to stab her boyfriend,Thomas Vergara. “This picture was taken in the privacy in any way to circulate on social networks,” wrote the bimbo on social networks by accompanying his message of two emoticons angry. As soon as this photo had been published online, Thomas Vergara had also pushed a mug shot: “there is that people respect nothing, nor even the privacy of people who respects himself. Never lose its IPad without code.“Shameful”.



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