Miley Cyrus Arrives On Stage With…

Miley Cyrus :

At the launch of his tour in Chicago last night, Miley Cyrus caused a sensation coming on stage wearing a particularly provocative outfit

Miley Cyrus is more to challenge closely. It still demonstrated last night. After at the MTV Video Music Awards a few weeks ago, its totally nude photos and trash in Interview magazine, or the many cliches sexy that she post year-round on Instagram, the 22-year-old singer, that multiple provocations for several years, has once again to outdo

In a concert last night in Chicago for the launch of his new tour, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, the young woman has surprised more than a spectator arriving on scene…the breasts to air. It was, of course, fake tits, but still. Laying strips on the body (but nothing else below), Miley Cyrus caused a sensation with an outfit for the less provocative. Even more challenging, than at his crotch, the interpreter of Wrecking Ball proudly sported a huge dildo-beltYes, Yes, you read! Enough talk, it lets you discover the result in pictures…


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