Mariah Carey Rents Airbnb Luxury Villa

Mariah Carey :

Recently only Mariah Carey is pulled together Packer with her boyfriend James. But now the pop diva has rented a luxury villa in Malibu itself for $10,000 the night

Mariah Carey may be one of the most popular clients on Airbnb. As reported by the US gossip Portal “TMZ”, the 45 year old “hero” singer has hired a is currently for the second time on Airbnb in a villa on the beach of Malibu.

$10,000 per night

The price should be how during her last visit to Malibu proud 10,000 US dollars,approximately 9400 EUR, per night, of course. The luxurious property is therefore located in a so-called gated community. The House will have five bedrooms.

On their Instagram profile, the pop diva announced already a snapshot from the Airbnb luxury villa. “I enjoy watching Malibu in my Airbnb,” you the picture that shows her in the bed of the House goes on to say, Mariah Carey use the rented accommodation as a location for their new Christmas movie, she just turn commented. Beach Villa is of course only temporary. Eventually the musician is movedin Packers a few weeks ago at her rich boyfriend James. The billionaire lives only fiveminutes away from their fixed abode in Beverly Hills.


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