Kim Kardashian In Fear Baby is Breech

Kim Kardashian Baby:

Kim Kardashian has a great fear of the birth of her second child. The unborn boy is in the breech position what does this mean for Kim?

Kim Kardashian makes no secret of the fact, to be an unhappy pregnant women. The reality TV star has as already in her first pregnancy greatly increased (23 kilograms should be now), even that suffered from severe nausea and now: about a month before the birth, the deadline is the 24th of December, the unborn boy in the breech.

“This means that he is in the wrong position for a birth. His head indicates he should point downwards but still upwards. It should revolve around the 32nd week. Now must let probably do a C-section”, Kim Kardashian writes on her blog.

“This birth scares me”

The 35-year-old has little hope that more change. The baby cradle now has just under 3.5 kilograms that makes it very unlikely that it turns in the correct position. The expectant mother but doesn’t give up: “I play music in the right place and cool my belly at certain points, to get him out out of the breech. I will make even acupuncture,burn sagebrush every day on my little toe. I will try it even with hypnosis.

Is the removal of a uterus?

First a few months ago the middle one of the Kim Kardashian sisters revealed that her uterus is most likely must be removed after the birth of her second child.

During her first pregnancy, Kim suffered a serious illness in which the placenta too deeply embedded in the uterus and dissolves during the birth, not, as in the oocyte,under a so-called placenta accreta . This can cause severe bleeding, which can lead to death. North West came on June 15, 2013 while healthy, but a month too soon on the world. “Do you think that I‘m accreta have see a placenta again. If the placenta of this time deeper working, they will remove my uterus”, so Kim compared to the” C magazine “.


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