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Jennifer Lawrence:

Oscar rumors: Why Jennifer Lawrence once again has the best chances of an Academy Award nomination

She is Hollywood’s high-flyer, until the age of 25: Jennifer Lawrence could be soon already the fourth Oscar nomination in the House. 2013 she was allowed to take one of the coveted Gold guys in reception for her portrayal in the tragicomedy “Silver Linings”, and when it comes to the critics, not her last do it. Last week was the trailer for “joy everything except usually published (theatrical release in Germany on December 31), since then the rumor mill in the film industry, is see thing is fierce speculation about a next Lawrence-nomination.

Top-ranked players

The actress embodies an entrepreneur, asserting itself against all odds in the business world in the four decades of rich drama. Lawrence is a proven team of: the fellow actors Robert de Niro, 72, and Bradley Cooper, 40, to Director David O. Russell, 57.This trio was already at “Silver Linings” and “American Hustle” part both films brought an Oscar nomination Jennifer Lawrence. A good omen for “Joy”? The answeris there on January 14, when the nominations for the Academy Awards 2016 will be announced

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