Jennifer Lawrence Makes Her Directing Debut

Jennifer Lawrence:

As an actress, Jennifer Lawrence has reached already almost everything. The Oscar winner aspires to a career behind the camera for directing a comedy

Jennifer Lawrence is currently in the last part of the “tribute of panem” series at the cinema on the big screen to see. But the Oscar winner already planning their next career move.

Deeds not words

The U.S. magazine “Entertainment Weekly” said the 25-year-old: “I in a comedy would lead to directed by love.” She follow this plan as long as the acting. “I‘m talking only about it, I‘d rather just do.”

“Project Delirium”

The “Silver Linings” star has long been a project in mind. “I signed up for Project Delirium a thing called the Director”, the actress revealed. It is a comedy about the mental warfare during the cold war in the 1960s.

Ready for the directorial debut

“It‘s funny, because I wanted to do for my 16th year of life directed by.” She however does not regret until now to take this step. “Had I tried it before, I was not yet ready.Now I feel ready”so Jennifer Lawrence.


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