Jennifer Lawrence And Her Washes But…

Jennifer Lawrence :

This joke backfired: Jennifer Lawrence was forced to confirm that it washes but his hands after using the toilet

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence washes his hands after she was on the toilet. The actress had to explain last multiple. Now is the 25-year-old all the hype about their hygiene, sorry,because with a Facebook post, including video, now she volunteered to speak.

“I‘m disgusted the world”

“I hate to talk about it with the Internet,” Corii a begins its entry on their fan page.Because actually it uses social media, as the actress repeatedly stressed. “But I can hear not only one more question on this press tour to my hygiene.”

The bone of contention: In an MTV interview she had claimed not to wash their hands after work business. She wanted for their shock “The tribute by panem” – Co – Stars Josh Hutcherson, 23, and Liam Hemsworth, 25. “In the end I got disgusted the world.Of course I wash the hands me, after using the toilet”, explains Jennifer Lawrence. “I can’t believe that I have put me in the situation to have to say that at all.

Rumor needs to be stopped

She must stop this from all the rumors that they‘ve ever heard about, really. In the accompanying video, is confronting a bidet and wonders about this “strange toilet”. voice off-screen tells her that the seat sinks is not a toilet. “Is there no toilet? Well,then I must not wash too my hands”, so Jennifer Lawrence in the short sketch.

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