Galaxy Edge S6+ Back Releases In Limited Editions

Galaxy Edge S6+:

When Galaxy S6 edge has just launched, Samsung, in collaboration with Marvel, had released the flagship smart phone version of Iron Man, as he had been preached GSM Arena. In addition to the design and content facet, this limited edition mobile phones equipped with wireless accessories charger is. Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition only produced in limited numbers around 1000 units and sold in some regional only.

Had a chance to blow rumors regarding the continuation of the collaboration the two companies, creating the superhero fans expect a lot of them can have a limited edition mobile phone with super hero theme .

Ant-Man apparently was chosen as the next bully who represented Galaxy S6 edge +limited edition. But unlike the version of Iron Man that feels aroma , Galaxy S6 edge+ Ant-Man Edition does not have special designs and accessories wireless charger which is similar. Galaxy edge S6 + Ant-Man Edition only Galaxy S6 edge + standard but are equipped with accessories case, cartons, and Ant-Man-themed content.

Appropriate life span in Chinese online sales site, this special edition of smart phones are sold at or around Rp 12 CNY 588 million and is available in a 32 GB version. Prices are not as expensive as the Galaxy mounted S6 edge Iron Man that official prices reach 14 million and even soared to 50 millions after signing in at the eBay site as reported Sam Mobile.

But there has been no further information on the availability of S6 Galaxy edge + Ant-Man outside of the market of China. Ant-Man himself selected the Samsung because the film has just been release in China.


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