Amber Heard So She Has Captured His Heart

Amber Heard :

The actor raves about his wife and says, what he particularly loves on amber heard.And that‘s not her youthfulness

You must take a chuckle when you Johnny Depps, 52, public expression of love to his young wife, amber heard, 29, hears. The actor revealed to E! News“, with which amber has captured his heart.

The Blues expert

“We see ourselves on many levels, but was the first thing that grabbed me immediately, that she is a fan of the Blues,” Depp told. “When I would play a song, any old, obscure blues song, she knows which one is it.”

Well read and nice

But the common preferences don’t stop the music. So depression raves continued:“she‘s very, very well-read. She is a bookworm like me. So that has joined us too and she is brilliant and beautiful. I‘m a lucky man.”

If you look at the couple closer, one would expect such words really. The age difference and the lifestyle point less to this common cultural interests.

But it‘s nice to see you can conquer with what things apparently Johnny Depp‘s heart.


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