Unique in Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week:

Fashion week event like Paris Fashion Week was a defining moment for the designers to show his best design. All course designers vying to give design and spectacular performances. However, there is always a unique and managed to steal the attention, for example by the following designers:

Vivienne Westwood

The collection Vivienne Westwood SS16 features models that are covered by long blazers. Funnily enough, the Blazers instead of the body-worn but floated several cm above the head. In addition, there are still models with a dress made of metal that covers the entire body to the head. In addition to the uniqueunique, Vivienne also designed the dress-gown glamour Zendaya as used.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens managed to make guests invitation in Paris Fashion Week were stunned.Because the original United States, designers who nyentrik it is showing unusualperformances. Any two people mutually bound, his arms model, attributed on the back, and they still have to walk on the runway. According to Rick, this served not only to show his design, but also the sheer strength and stubbornness of a woman. In addition, there is also a model whose face is covered with a helmet and mask the net.


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