Tom Cruise Moves: He Hates Los Angeles!

Tom Cruise:

Tom Cruise prepares its cartons. According to US Weekly, the actor could leave Los Angeles and move to Florida. It would seek to move the headquarters of Scientology.

Tom Cruise has sold its superb property of Hollywood for the tidy sum of EUR 10 million. The property, which consisted of two small separate houses, has sold a million and a half less than the actor asked. But, it would seem that the Mission Impossible star had a good reason to sell off his estate. A source told US Weekly: “Tom hate living in Los Angeles. It will move to Florida”. Florida is deemed, across the Atlantic to be the favorite resort of the elderly, but not only

According to the magazine, the actor would seek closer of the siege of the Church of Scientology in Clear water, which is a very active member. The source explains that this is John Travolta who would have convinced him “he loves living life out there and thishas inspired Tom“. It is also the actor of Grease that would have initiated it this movement religious, controversial. In France, Scientology is regarded as a cult. For example, an ex of Tom Cruise, actress Nazanin Boaniadi, had to clean public toilets after revealing his breakup with actor… Last July, some said that Tom Cruise would be ready to leave the Church for love of Suri, 9 years old, the daughter he had with Katie Holmes. Unfortunately, this move seems to prove otherwise.

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