Taylor Swift Break from the stage

Taylor Swift:

The world Taylor Swift might already tired? The singer even thinks it‘s possible and thinking about a break
Pop star Taylor Swift has put a meteoric rise in recent years and is currently almost everywhere. Maybe the hype is a bit too much of a good, finds the singer: “I think should take a break,” said the 25-year-old magazine “NME”.

New music or not

“I think the people could use a break from me. I would then hang out with my friends.Write new music. Or maybe no new music review. I don’t know it.”

The strong media presence feel Taylor Swift occasionally even as a burden: “I amevery day in the news for many different reasons,” said the singer. “Sometimes, if you creep up by his fears, that feels so, as all that would have to wait one thoroughly screwed up something and then you‘re done.”

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