Selena Gomez Revels That She Has Lupus

Selena Gomez:

Actress Selena Gomez reported that she had to take some time off due to illness

Selena Gomez has now reveal why she had to take a break from show business: the 23-year-old suffering the autoimmune disease Lupus and had to undergo chemotherapy.

In January 2014, the singer and actress from the scene suddenly was gone, she had canceled their concerts in Australia. At the time blamed the separation of Justin Bieber or a possible drug addiction for it. In an interview with the magazine “Billboard”Selena: “I was diagnosed with Lupus and I made a chemotherapy. I can have a stroke.”

The completely false reporting of various media was then hard Selena. “I would havesaid back then like, ‘ y’all so have no idea. I‘m just a chemotherapy. Your AR * holes.’ have included me, until I was again more confident and felt better.”

Relatives and friends worried himself

After some public guess work what was with Selena Gomez, had her grandfather Ricardo Gomez senior reported ever in may 2014 to Word and told him his grand daughter due to health problems in treatment. “She‘s better again. What really worries us, is that she don’t know how to say no. She wants to take time to rest and to eat healthy”,so Ricardo Gomez at the time on“Radar Online”.

Lupus destroyed organs

Lupus is a rare autoimmune disease, in which mainly women develop. In this case, the body’s immune system is wrongly regulated and directed against the body’s own healthy cells. As a result, organs, such as the skin, for example, are damaged. There can also be life-threatening vascular constriction during.

“Lupus is in my family, so Selena.” Her aunt died from the disease.

Selena Gomez is not the only prominent American star with lupus. Also Lady GaGa 2010 revealed she had been tested positive for the disease.

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