Sandra Bullock: She Says to The Adoption Rumors

Sandra Bullock :

Sandra Bullock adopted a second child or not? The actress takes position

Sandra Bullock should have not only a new man in her life, but also their family through adoption have enlarged. This message surprised her fans a few weeks ago.For the first time the 51 has now even position taken to the rumors.

Only an adopted child

In an interview for her new movie “our brand is crisis the actress said: “there‘s only an adopted child in my house hold, and his name is Louis,” said Bullock about her five-year son, whom she adopted in 2010. “If I had a second adopted child, any one of them would know. I would say this loud and clear: ‘Yes, I have adopted a second child.’ It is now Louis.”

Randall lives with her

“New” had reported in early October, Sandra Bullock have shortly after her new friend Bryan Randall was drafted into their Villa in Beverly Hills,completed the adoption formalities.

Although Sandra Bullock has adopted still no second child, you could read out of their denial, that she probably does not exclude that in the future.

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