Rachel Bilson Her Daughter is Her Fashion Idol

Rachel Bilson:

Now the actress spoke first about her small daughter Briar Rose and you notice: she‘s completely infatuated in the small…

So open you know Rachel Bilson (“O.C.., California”), 34, otherwise not. But her small daughter Briar Rose you did to it apparently so, that she can’t help and would like to share it with the world. In the “No. kid hungry dinner in Los Angeles, she told reporters her babies is how active: “Olympic athlete could become without exaggeration next month, it‘s crazy.” the actress against the American “people” jokes magazine.

More Belle sleeping beauty

In addition, the Scion is already a literature expert: “you have really many books read.Rachel Bilson likes everybody. I‘m telling you, she‘s like “Belle” from “Beauty and the beast”.Rachel and her husband and fellow actor Hayden Christensen, 34, are known to be fervent fans of Disney. Therefore, they decided for the name Briar Rose, which is the name of sleeping beauty in the original.

Who‘s got style!

And yet something seems which “Hard of Dixie” almost star in their annuals to admire her sense of fashion. On the question of who her fashion idol, Rachel Bilson just giggled and said: “My daughter”. Well, if this time is not the cutest parents commitment of all time.

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