Paris Jackson Secret wedding?

Paris Jackson :

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late King of pop Michael Jackson, should have given secretly say their friend Chester Castellaw. The only 17-year-old offered proof now

Say in silence?

Condense the speculation: Paris Jackson, 17, Castellaw, 18, their friend Chester say having revealed. An important indication of the alleged marriage delivered now the daughter of the late music legend Michael Jackson (d. 50) now, by them on their Instagram profile changed its name and added another name: Paris Jackson Castellaw is apparently in the future. She married the American footballer so quietly?

Paris’ dark past

Rumored that Chester soon will put the ring on the finger his loved ones, it has been.An insider talked recently to “Radar Online” out: “Chester bought already a ring for Paris and he intends to ask them whether she would like to marry him.” So, your friend should totally support Paris and reassure their previously turbulent lives. And stability, which will have to longed for the death of her father (“thriller”) so badly.Finally, Paris has already attempted suicide behind and her family was huge worried about it in the past. The fear that she would not survive the loss of their beloved Daddy’s, started to grow.

Mrs. Castellaw the ring!

Thanks to Chester, Paris but now all her demons to be got rid and very popular with their loved ones. Insiders talk of how well the athletes do the celebrity offspring.According to acquaintances, the two are “practically together and he has a really good influence on their lives. So respect him even the whole family and supports their relationship.” Nevertheless, the Jacksons should consider a marriage as too hasty.“Nobody wants to take away her first great love for her, but they do not believe that it has been the maturity for a marriage because she is still a teenager.”


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