Miley Cyrus: Victim Of A Bad Reaction

Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus had no need of it… The American tabloid Radar Online has just revealed that the star follower of recreational substances made a bad reaction to a drug just before having to host Saturday Night Live.

This time, Miley Cyrus would have done better to keep his tongue in her mouth…According information from Radar Online, the American star who is about to make totally nude concert suffered a very bad reaction after testing a drug during an evening-camping.

A week before his appearance in Saturday Night Live, early October, Miley Cyrus was the feast when the situation went awry: “one of his friends told him to lick a strange sort of ‘slug-banana’ and she was very sick” revealed a source at the American tabloid.“His language so inflated that it came out of her mouth, and she had to take antibiotics and steroids bites all week.” Scary!

The source also revealed that this adventure had not prevented Miley Cyrus to maintain its pace of drug use daily as if nothing was: “she was smoking non-stop during rehearsals, readings, while grass! When the show was over, she was so rutted that his eyes were almost completely closed”continued the source who also confessed that Miley had to conceal redness that appeared all over his body just before the show.

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