Malika Menard Without Makeup On Social Networks

Malika Menard:

A few hours ago, Malika Menard has unveiled a new snapshot of her without make upon behalf Instagram. The young woman, sublime, proves that she has hardly need Fireworks to be radiant.

Magnificent. Very active on social networks, Malika Menard private never to share the least of its actions with users. On a new snapshot published a few hours ago, the young woman unfolds naturally and without makeup while she goes out of the bed.‘Morning’ said in terse way in legend of this cliche that has not failed to charm many fans of the former Ambassador of beauty.

If we don’t know (yet) the identity of her boyfriend, the latter is very lucky to share her life with a pretty woman. Usually very discreet about his private life, Malika Menard had made an exception on the plateau of C to you by revealing to hints that she was no longer a heart to take. She was greeted with the Matthew Christmas Debrief theChronicle which had submitted his colleague Maxime Switek with a little joke. Malika,as I know that you are single, I present to you Maxime Switek, Beefcake of Polish origin…” let go of before being arrested by the main party involved.” Malika comes to say no, she is not single.” Very embarrassed, the young woman had suggested that this information was true.

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