Lily-Rose Depp: “Whatever Happens, My Mother Will Be There”

Lily-Rose Depp:

In recent months, the notoriety of Lily-Rose Depp continues to increase. Real fashion Muse, actress in his time… The daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp is the center many papers in the media around the world. Besides this sudden notorietys cares parents
Lily-Rose Depp explained that she was protected by her parents and that she had used to the media: “I grew up with the media attention. All my life. My parents were very quiet in this regard, with photographers, fans and stuff. But I quickly realized that I had did anything special to deserve this attention. Whatever happens, it will be there.” Lily-Rose is aware to be followed by many, but seems rather lucid: “it is not me who chose her. It should just not take everything too seriously. We must live. And stay calm.”
A few days ago, this is Vanessa Paradis who was speaking on the notoriety of his daughter. “It is made for this, it is inevitable. Lily-Rose Depp has a great talent, a great taste and very well chosen its first projects. I would have preferred that it happens as fast, but I‘m poorly placed to tell him,’ let go to a Belgian site.


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