Lena Gercke The New Love Of Her Life

Lena Gercke:

On Instagram, Lena Gercke shows what makes their hearts beat now

Just was Lena Gercke during fashion week in Paris and made a charming figure at the show by “Gauche Caviar”. It seems the impressions that they collected in the city of love, there but not in the first row to have forgotten. Just as romantic, as she showed on the runway of the Berlin label, it presents itself now on Instagram.

She posted a photo on which they are seen with their “new love of her life”.

Lena Gercke “classic” beauty

Who now but desperate for a man on the recording searches, you will quite certainly not find it. Because rather than a “he”, but an “it” can be Lena’s heart beat at the moment. The snapshot shows her at a white piano, soulful she put their finger on the keys. It looks like it as Lena Gercke had now also music especially the classic in addition to the fashion and modelling discovered for himself.

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