Lady Gaga Has More Style To It

Lady Gaga:

So far, Lady Gaga was one to create modes, not to follow. But change is taking place.The star now copy the style of Mariah Carey and Victoria Beckham… The time for worthy of a Carnival outfits is definitively over.

But where is therefore the exuberant Lady Gaga? Since she emerged through hisPoker Face hit seven years ago, the New York young took pleasure in making each ofits outputs a real event. The world was watching it. How would she would be dressed,or rather disguised? What color would her hair? A way probably misses StefaniGermanotta, his real name, to create a character, a mask behind which shelter. SoLady Gaga dared everything. The meat dress, outfits, mesh jacket Kermit the frog… itslooks could come out of a Carnival or a Halloween party. But Lady Gaga decided to change. Farewell beef, fish and frog… The star who changed registry by choosing to team up with crooner Tony Bennett, changed its style also. More outrageous makeup,more shoes outrageously compensated…


At the age of 29, Gaga, it becomes a real lady and offers a dress respectability. Shes wears it seems more than by the chic of the Brandon Maxwell, MSGM House or stylist. So, in turn, it becomes diva like Mariah Carey, so classic like Victoria Beckham or even yet discreetly sexy as beautiful Angelina Jolie. But in trying to blend in, Lady Gaga will not lose its aura?

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