Lady gaga and Taylor Kinney Strokes After The First Kiss

Lady Gaga:

It was not entirely safe to win Lady Gaga‘s heart for Taylor Kinney: he had to take even strokes for the first kiss

Taylor Kinney noticed early that his fiancee Lady Gaga, 29, stands can be: for the first kiss with the pop star, the actor had to put even a few powerful blows as he now in the U.S. talk show “watch what happens live betrayed.

The first rather rough as a romantic encounter of the two had in 2011 during the filming of the video for Lady Gaga‘s song “You and I” occurred. And indeed, Kinney was not particularly subtle approach. The MIME announced the producers according to do “his thing” and that was to press a kiss Lady Gaga without prior consultation. “I remember that I‘ve arrived, then ran the recording and I kissed her and she didn’t expect it”, the actor said. “Then came the cut, she has slapped me and it was just embarrassing.”

Happy ending despite the slap in the face

Nevertheless, there was within a very short time the happy ending, as the Chicago Fire star is further reminded. “Then the next take, I‘ve done just still the same, and she won’t hit me,” sp laughing the 34-year-old. Without a doubt, the right “chemistry” was evident already during the shooting. “We have exchanged our data, have remained in contact and that it was even.”

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