Kim Kardashian: You Cancel Your Baby Shower

Kim Kardashian:

For Kim Kardashian, there should have been a joyous weekend. But to support Lamar Odom, she moved their baby celebration

The message from Lamar Odoms hospital and his poor health has taken not only Khloe Kardashian, 31, deep. Sister Kim and MOM Kris Jenner, 59, flew immediately with her to Las Vegas, to assist Khloe in this difficult situation.

Mourning mood instead of joyous family celebration

As “E! News”reported, the sisterly support even goes so far, that Kim Kardashian has her baby Party allegedly planned this weekend. “She want to focus all for Khloe there to be”, as an insider.

The 34-year-old and husband Kanye West, 37, expect their second child in December.

New details on Lamar Odoms excess

Meanwhile, new details to Lamar Odoms Bordell residence were known. “TMZ”reported, he should have paid for the three-day stay in the brothel “Love Ranch”, in which he unconscious was found on Tuesday, equivalent to about 66,000 euros. driver who had picked him in Las Vegas and two prostitutes had been included in the price. He spent three days in a VIP suite of the hotel.
Lamar Odom is now in intensive care in a coma for two days. In his blood have been found according to drug media reports. Khloe Kardashian is with him: with you, the ex-NBA player is married since 2009. Although the two living apart and the divorce was filed in July, it is still not legally confirmed.

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