Kim Kardashian + CO. Contouring Makeup Trend

Kim Kardashian:

The stars of love contouring. Boris Entrup explains what is the makeup trend

Many women try to get the most out of himself with tons of makeup.

There are some tricks to put the face easily and quickly right in scene. One of them iscontouring. Mega-stars such as the Kardashians and Taylor Swift (25, “1989”) swear by long on the method and show: In the blink of an eye features can be emphasized and refined. Boris Entrup, make-up artist and beauty expert, known from “Germany’s next top model“, reveals what is behind the trend, and what matters.

By Kim Kardashian to Lena Gercke all on contouring swear currently. It seems youshould miss the new beauty trend definitely not. But what is it for anyway?

Boris Entrup: Contouring is ideal to optimize the shape of the face. I think that this trend will strengthen rapidly and any woman who like to use makeup, will take this technique into their basic repertoire. Because very few people have the perfect face,but we can make with contouring’s look! And, indeed, in which we hide some parts with dark tones and highlight others with light.

Why is the correct contour so important and what brings it about?

Edwards: It is possible to reduce face shapes and-partien, to shorten and even straighten. Applied properly, it has a very large effect and looks still of course. As a general rule always: darker areas appear optically back and lighter out.

That sounds like a real miracle weapon in terms of makeup. Are for certain productsrequired?

Boris Entrup: For the contouring, you first need a make-up in own skin tone. A make-up is required for the Dark lights in addition, which is darker shades to 2-3. If necessary, extra highlights requires yet a third tone that is slightly brighter. Generally,one should rather use colors from the cooler color range so that the shades look more natural.

Now there are from around about oval to rectangular the various face shapes. Whatmust be observed if the different types?

Edwards: The oval face shape corresponds to the ideal, because it is very symmetrical.Shade a darker tone above the temple and along the hairline. This perfected the ovaland in addition brings a fresh complexion in the face. The heart-shaped face has slightly wider eyes and a narrow Chin. Shade c-shaped around the eye area with thisface shape. The whole thing seems just slightly narrower.

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