Kate Moss This is Her New Boyfriend

Kate Moss:

Only a short time after their separation from Jamie Hince, Kate Moss should be awarded again

Three months is the separation of Jamie Hince , but Kate Moss should be already again together. Confirm friends of 41 compared to the UK ‘Sun’, Kate was together with Nikolai von Bismarck, the great-grandson of Prince Otto von Bismarck. So Kate would have involved a Heidi Klum a real toy boy ashore like their model colleague: Nikolai is namely a total of thirteen years younger than Kate at his tender age of 28.

Curious tastes

Kate‘s new lover are strange rumors in circulation. So the friend of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie to drank earlier at goat‘s blood just for fun. The “Tatler”-magazine, which recently when raised one of the most influential members of the British high society, writes Nicholas, he today rather prefer cocktails.

Nikolai is also party

Kate Moss and her new met probably about Nikolai is mother debonair. With the 78-year,the model should be close friends for years. Kate reportedly hang even a portrait of the Countess in her house. However, Nikolai works in the fashion industry and should have gone there now and again on the way Kate. “You have seen themselves always times again coincidence in recent months”, as a source. “Nikolai has with Kate Moss then lots of time in the Cots wolds and London (Anm.d.Red.: here, Kate Moss has her residences) spent. She was wearing her wedding ring still and so no one had suspected that what‘s going.”

But Nikolai should have been a great support for Kate Moss in the past few weeks. “He is areal rock ‘ n’ roll artists type and the two can celebrate well together.” The latterlet’s call it a great party affinity Kate was always very important even when their now EXEs. That fit.


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