Jennifer Lawrence: That’s Why She’s Single

Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth must be a pair. We know why this statement is wrong and Jen is single could have something to do with marshmallows

At each press tour, Jennifer Lawrence, 25, and Liam Hemsworth, 25, for which “The tribute by panem” movies together must master the same rumors come up: Jennifer and Liam are a couple! Data the two hot stars of inseparable? Never the reports proved to be true and this time probably not.

Jennifer Lawrence is gone so single how long no longer the liaison with Chris Martinis over, is Nicholas Hoult already from the image area. In a new video in the Jen, Liamand Josh Hutcherson actually about “the tribute by panem: Mockingjay part 2″ speak to, the sympathetic Oscar-winning charming explains that she has a new boyfriend and shows her another great talent by the way.

As possible in the mouth stuff so many marshmallows up!

The Presenter playing “Truth or dare” with the team. Finally a marshmallow bag is used and Jennifer estimates, she can have about eight in the mouth it creates ten!Then she chats under the covers and reveals the reason for her single existence:

“It reminds me of a date. I was 16 and I drink an ice drink on a date and had to belch.The whole foam not came from my stomach back up… I white really, why I’m single!”

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