Daniela Katzenberger Trying To Loss Her Weight

Daniela Katzenberger:

Daniela Katzenberger is seven weeks after the birth of their daughter Sophia again on the way to your dream weight

Daniela Katzenberger working after the birth of daughter Sophia already eager to look again like before the pregnancy. Even when seven weeks after giving birth in the period of the week bed is actually and himself would have to conserve, she shares on Facebook including their sweat-inducing workouts. Proudly, the cat posted also photo of her naked after baby belly.

Already lost 13 kg

“Exactly seven weeks after the birth. “Current weight: 68 kg“, the 29-year-old to the Selfie where it is to see writes. 22 kg Daniela Katzenberger has increased in pregnancy, all 13 have disappeared again.

Support and criticism by the fans

Their Facebook followers are about as much weight loss commitment of divided opinion. “Please stop yourself and other women who admire you, to make pressure.The time enjoy the baby”, commented a fan.

Others, however, can well understand why Daniela Katzenberger puts so much emphasis on appearance: “I can no longer hear the typical sayings such as ‘The belly comes 9 months and 9 months’. If you also stand in public, a certain amount of pressure is just.”

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