Carey Mulligan Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby

Carey Mulligan:

Carey Mulligan has confirmed the birth of her first child. His granddaughter has already three weeks, as she told on the plateau of Graham Norton yesterday evening.

Actress Carey Mulligan is the happiest in the world: she and her husband, the rocker Marcus Mumford, are the proud parents of a little girl since a few weeks. The star had ever confirmed her pregnancy was announced at the beginning of the year, which had not been taken in photo with her baby bump.

While she displayed this week a small flat stomach at the London Premiere of the film the Suffragettes, everyone found, rightly, that she had given birth. Carey Mulligan confirmed yesterday by orally, in an interview with Graham Norton to be aired tonight in the United Kingdom. ‘Yes. It’s a girl and she has three weeks,”she confided.

The star is thus managed to keep secret long enough. True to its legendary discretion,she recently explained that she preferred to keep a certain amount of mystery. “I always felt that less people knew about me, better it was entrusted in Vogue. Less you change appearance between the films, more they connect you to your former roles.That’s why I did stupid stuff with my hair in the past to try and not to have the same head”.

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