Burberry Coat Fashion Of Celebrities

Burberry Coat:

The British mark seduced celebrities the most fashion of the planet. Regardless of their style and their age they like all Burberry. The proof in pictures.

The British brand Burberry born in 1856 no end to seduce the fashionistas and celebrities from around the world. In addition to his iconic trench and his tartan “Nova Check”, the prestigious British brand has been able over the years, reinvent its classics  to be at the forefront of modernity and remain highly desirable.

Ringardisee in the 1990s Burberry is by far, indeed at this time the brand was not fixed beauty. Printed Cap Nova Check by rappers ownership contributes to the loss of popularity of the brand with prestigious clients and lost its luster to House Burberry(as for Lacoste at the same time). To correct the fall of his fame, Burberry withdraws the famous cap from the sale and manages to rejuvenate its collections.

Today Burberry fashion shows attract to each Fashion Week all VIP in the fashion and the stars have adopted in unison neo-classical pieces of the brand.

The preppy of Alexa Chung style fits there perfectly while Amal Clooney allows herself revisited the trench flashy green suede. Indeed, classic trench coats take length or color, as the ocher of Anne Hathaway or Blue Poppy Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence,does she prefer, very chic for fall deep green.

Kate Moss more rock, adopted into a true beast mode the leopard pattern while Scarlett Johansson and Chloe Moretz remain more traditional in camel elegant.

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