Apple Pull 256 Apps From App Store Because They Steals Data


After yesterday it got crowded with news about the applications that bring the malware, now Apple again making news that is still associated with application i.e. the withdrawal of 256 applications with a total number of weekly 1 million times from the App Store. Apple did this after the found framework that does not comply with the guidance that was provided to developers as we quote from RedmondPie.

An analysis of the firm named Source DNA preach the application developers are using private APIs that secretly takes the user’s personal data and upload it to another server. Private API is derived from Youmi, SDK (Software development kit) ads from China.

According to Phone Arena personal data stolen by Youmi SDK this is like a list of the applications that are installed, the serial number of a gadget using the old version of iOS, a list of hardware components with the number series in the gadget iPhone and iPad running the latest iOS version, and the email address listed as your Apple ID.

As an explanation for this action parties Apple had already issued a statement essentially explains the existence of that right as to the withdrawal of a number of applications because of the transgression of using SDK Youmi. Apple also confirmed that all new applications that use the SDK Youmi will be rejected. Apple is currently working with the developers of applications that are drawn to help them give the updates that are in accordance with the regulation of the Apple.

But until this news was revealed there has been no information on the name of to256 application withdrawn. It is likely that applications created by developers from China that target users in there.


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